Let's start a new tennis experience! Let's start a new tennis experience! Let's start a new tennis experience!


  • HEAD joins existing partners, YONEX, Wilson and Prince. See the press release.

Play DataVisualize your game

Live Mode Live Mode
Live Mode
Live mode

Watch your play data in real-time

By attaching the Smart Tennis Sensor to your racket, all your shot data are recorded and can be displayed in real-time on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Through the app screen, you can check the swing (shot) type, ball speed, swing speed, ball spin, ball impact spot and other data for every shot.

Play Report Play Report
Play Report
Play Report

Look back at your play analysis results

All recorded data are stored on your smartphone and sorted by shot type. Play reports are automatically created so that you can look back and analyze your tennis game. From the more detailed screen, you can view your play data over time.

Live Mode Video Live Mode Video
Live Mode Video

Record your play data together with video

The Live mode video function records each shot data together with actual video footage. This allows you to closely look at your shot data after you are done playing. In addition, you can learn a lot about improving your tennis by watching your form and shot placement in relation to your shot data.

Playing Live Mode Videos Playing Live Mode Videos
Playing Live Mode Videos
Playing Live Mode Videos

Look back at your tennis play with both data and video

For data and video recorded using the Live mode video function, data for each shot can be played back in sync with the corresponding video. Various playback features are available: Video playback skip through to view different shots, shot replay, combined view of all shots for particular types of swing, etc.

Memory Mode Memory Mode
Memory Mode
Memory Mode

Smart Tennis Sensor use without a smartphone

You forgot your smartphone? Don't worry, the Smart Tennis Sensor can work alone. Simply turn on the power of the sensor before starting your play and the data of up to 12,000 shots will be stored in the internal memory of the sensor. After you are done playing, connect the sensor with your smartphone to import the data into the app. A play report will then be automatically generated. Also, in Memory Mode, the battery of the sensor will last longer compared to Live Mode because a smartphone is not connected.

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SetupPrepare the sensor!

  1. 1. Setup - Step 1

    Charge the sensor using the accompanying cradle. The indicator lamp is red when it is charging. When it turns off, the sensor is fully charged

  2. 2. Setup - Step 2

    Remove the racket logo cap, affix the attachment ring onto the grip end of the racket, place the sensor onto the attachment ring as per the indicating arrow and turn until it clicks into its secure holding position

  3. 3. Setup - Step 3

    Install the app on your smartphone and follow the instructions on the screen to connect the sensor

  4. 4. Setup - Step 4

    Open the app, register your Sony Entertainme
    nt Network(SEN)
    account and configure your user information. If you already have a SEN account, the settings can be configured smoothly.


Smart Tennis Sensor



Data that can be displayed

Number of shotsCounts the number of tennis shots/swings.
Ball impact spotDisplays what part of the racket hits the ball.
Swing type(Determines the
swing type)
ForehandTopspin, Slice, Volley
BackhandTopspin, Slice, Volley
Overhead Smash, Serve
Swing speedDisplays the racket head speed in km/h or mph.
Ball speed (Initial speed)Displays the ball speed in km/h or mph.
Ball spinDisplays from -10 to +10 (21 levels).

General Specifications

Water-proofJIS/IEC protection level 5 (IPX5) equivalent *Prevents water damage from all directions.
Dust-proofJIS/IEC protection level 6 (IP6X) equivalent *Provides dust resistance.
Charging timeApprox. 120 minutes
Continuous usage timeWith BluetoothApprox. 90 minutes *Assuming 500 hits/swings in 60 minutes.
Without BluetoothApprox. 180 minutes
DimensionsDiameter: 31.3 mm, Height: 17.6 mm
WeightApprox. 8 grams
Comes with:Attachment unit, cradle, cradle cap, micro USB cable, removal tool, carrying bag
Supported OS/devices for appSmartphone/tablet with a camera running Android 4.1 or later (some exception may exist) or iPhone/iPad (except iPhone 3GS) running iOS6.1 or later

Smart Tennis Sensor - App

Supported devices

Supported device will be updated accordingly.


Android app and iOS app will be available in the U.S. by the product launch.

Smart Tennis Sensor compatible rackets brands

Compatible model information will be announced by each racket manufacturers.